14 cool chips from the 11 best mobile sites

Mobile sites should be functional, lightweight and intuitive. In this article you will find descriptions of chips that make cool mobile sites of famous companies.

Chip number 1: Lowe's reports the opening hours of the nearest store

American retailer Lowe's offers customers to buy goods online, and pick up in physical stores. For the convenience of customers, the mobile version of the site indicates the time of the nearest Lowe's outlet. The desired store is determined by geolocation.

Feature 2: Contrast "Add to Cart" button on Lowe's website

The "Add to Cart" button stands out from the rest of the page due to its color and size. It is quite large, which is convenient for mobile users.

Feature 3: Cleartrip tip

The Cleartrip online desk ticketing site has detailed information about each flight, including the duration of flights and transfers.

To view this information on the mobile version of the site, the user must go to a new page by selecting the flight of interest. To compare flight conditions with other flights, the user needs to return to the previous page, and this is inconvenient. To save time, the mobile version has a schematic designation of the duration of flights and the number of transfers. And so that users can easily understand the notation, when the search results are loaded, a hint window pops up.

Chip # 4: On your Kia mobile site, your desired conversion actions are designed as menu items.

On the mobile version of the Kia automaker's website, the desired actions are designed as a menu bar attached to the top of the screen.

In the site menu, the conversion elements are highlighted in red. This makes them more visible and increases clickability.

Conversion menu items are highlighted in red.

Chip number 5: Argos online store site unobtrusively offers installation of a mobile application

On the Argos website, the user sees an offer to install an online store mobile application. It successfully combines two opposites: it remains noticeable, but does not distract the user from the content.

Chip number 6: reservation in a physical store in one click

The retailer Argos website allows you to reserve goods in a physical store with one click of a button. The buyer can pay for the goods when he comes for them.

Feature 7: Accordion Menu on Warby Parker

Manufacturer of glasses Warby Parker is famous for non-standard marketing approaches. When you buy glasses of this company, it sends the same people in need to third world countries for free. You can also find the right glasses on the site, if you have a medical prescription. A mobile version of the site Warby Parker is a visual design tool. For example, the accordion menu is very well used here.

Chip number 8: the selected options are highlighted in color

Warby Parker sells gift certificates. On the design page of this product, the user chooses the type and value of the gift card. Selected options are highlighted in color.

Chip number 9: large font menu

Mobile version of the site BuzzFeed has a convenient menu. Its convenience is mainly determined by the large font size.

Chip number 10: a handy questionnaire for receiving feedback

The TED Foundation has found a way to get feedback from users of the mobile version of the site. Instead of the standard large questionnaire, they are invited to choose three options that most accurately characterize the viewed content.

Feature No. 11: Large Shhering Buttons on Social Networks

The publication Huffington Post has done everything so that users can easily share content on social networks. Huge sharing buttons are convenient to use even for users whose mobile gadgets have a very small screen.

Chip number 12: a hint for users

On the mobile version of the John Lewis retailer website there is a successful hint: when viewing a product, the website tells the visitor how to enlarge a photo or view the following.

Chip number 13: the ability to quickly return to the first screen

The mobile version of Sainsbury's retailer's website allows you to instantly return to the first screen when examining the list of products. It saves time and simplifies navigation.

Chip number 14: good color buttons

The mobile version of the Ford site is a model of aesthetics and functionality. The resource menu buttons are made in two colors. The blue color of the conversion buttons does not hurt the eyes, but instantly attracts attention.

The functionality and aesthetics of mobile sites often depend on little things that are unnoticeable at first glance. Successful chips escape attention because they help to use the site on an intuitive level. Users notice their absence rather than presence. It is all the more important for marketers to notice and collect such trifles. Please replenish the collection of mobile chips in the comments.

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