How to make a good landing even better?

Remember, there is no perfect recipe for creating a landing page! However, there are universal techniques that, after adaptation to your business, can be successfully used to increase the number of applications left.

Internet marketers around the world have spent tens of thousands of hours and implemented many practical optimizations to bring out five basic principles of guaranteed increase in conversion. Any of the principles will not work ten times out of ten, but the solutions tested by specialists still have higher chances for a positive result.

Increase the value of your unique shopping offer.

Imagine that you go to your favorite store for a new T-shirt. A lovely girl at the checkout tells you: "The price for this t-shirt, as usual, is 1000 rubles. But today you have a special offer: buying two t-shirts at once, you get a 50% discount for the second one. Do you still want to buy only one t-shirt?" . The chance that you choose a pair of T-shirts has increased.

Adding the value of the proposal, as a rule, increases the conversion (of the visitor in the lead or the lead in the client), because he inclines the value of the offer against the risk of an extramural transaction towards the client. Adding value is almost always perceived as reducing customer risk. By applying this technique in practice, your target audience will respond to you with an increase in the number of purchases of the goods or services you offer.

By reducing the risks and adding value to your offer, you will increase the conversion rate used by the Landing Page. You can offer more favorable terms of the transaction, add bonuses, discount on the subsequent purchase to increase the number of repeat sales. Sometimes simply increasing the number of advantages in the description of your product can increase the value of your sales offer!

Customize your landing page design

Adherents of "direct marketing" believed that the design is not so important in comparison with the content, the text offered by the offer and the analysis of the chosen marketing niche. Today, in addition to the above criteria, it is important for a modern internet marketer to consider the value of a landing page design. After Apple’s and Google’s high-quality design products and services, users now have high expectations for the visual component — they all want light, simple, and informative products. This statement also applies to design landings. Use light colors that contrast with areas of bright or dark colors — this will draw the visitor's attention to the most important elements of the landing page.

Before launching an advertising campaign, always think over the design: the overall visual concept should include uniform colors, fonts, similar layouts in the design of the product, used landings, web sites, packaging and other advertising materials - all this should cause a good response from the target audience, which is reinforced on each the conversion funnel stage. It is not easy, you need a whole series of tests, but as a result you will find a design that will convert leads into customers.

Convince customers of the effectiveness of your product or service

Expert assessments will help to form the right attitude of customers to your offer. The fact is that landing users are skeptical about your offer: “It's the same advertisement! How well it works in practice, we won’t know before buying.”

The psychological barrier of distrust can be removed if you use a page on the landing page to prove the effectiveness of the offered product / service, coming from an authoritative source for a potential client. Such evidence may include: mentions of your company in the media, examples of practical use of your product, photos of actual results of using goods / services collected from customers, expert research or demonstration of your product in action, as well as free trial versions of the product, allowing users to personally verify values ​​of the proposal.

Work on trust

Trust is a key factor in working with potential clients. Always check your statements made for online media, in social networks or simply on the forum: online media is merciless if there is a discrepancy between word and deed. Gloating competitors and “trolls” will come to the original source and leave a lot of negative comments.

Show that you can be trusted. Fulfill commitments in a timely manner, publish personal stories about your brand through the section "About Us". This helps to establish the necessary connections, strengthen the relationship between you and your target audience. Use the privacy policy on the landing page - this will give additional credibility to your proposal. Read the text before publication: avoid excessive "advertising", specify a clear call to action and conduct split-testing of several options for your landing page.

Use online chat

A real-time chat widget is a simple and effective way to optimize conversion. Such an approach makes you and your offer truly existing offline, because you are ready to be in touch with the client when it is convenient for him, causing the necessary trust. You can also personally communicate effectively with a leader who has doubts and continue to convert him into a buyer. Another effective way to increase conversion is to specify the company’s address and telephone numbers on the landing page, as well as the names of support service operators or online consultants.

Mark the questions that your potential customer asks via chat. Work through them and include ready answers in the form of text in the landing page - you will improve the perception of the product and increase the chances of successful conversion of the lead into the client.

There is no recipe for a landing page with a 100% conversion, but there are successful methods for creating it. It is important to consistently perform certain actions, measure the statistics, analyze it and test several new landing pages on the basis of the previous steps - this is how a high conversion landing page is made. The techniques described in the text are guaranteed to bring results, because they are based on the psychology of the customers' perception of your offer, text and landing.

High conversions to you!

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