Alternative marketing options - when the basics are no longer working.

The sophisticated buyer is difficult to hook flyers near the subway or contextual advertising on the Internet, he does not pay attention to commercials, watching TV shows. He is always ready - he is waiting for something to sell. And there are more of them. They do not have the classic marketing tools, they need to be interested and involved. Easy to say, but how?

Augmented Reality

Use augmented reality (born augmented reality, AR - "augmented reality") - a technology that adds elements of the digital world to everyday life.

Do you walk down the street, and suddenly a historical certificate pops up next to the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg? This is AR.

Abroad, marketers are actively using AR-tools and invent ways to monetize them. Remember the Pokemon GO in 2016, when people, as they were instituted, were catching Pokemon. The game is free, but later for $ 50 began to sell an accessory Pokemon Go Plus, warning about pokemon nearby. The creators monetized the game and at the expense of retailers, offering to pay for the placement of Pokemon in institutions to increase the flow of buyers.

Augmented reality slowly but surely penetrates television. For example, the BBC channel is testing a platform for sports analytics - Piero AR. The studio shows the events of football matches in the form of 3D-holograms: heat transfer cards of the ball, the movement of players, a demonstration of the composition.

In Russia, Mikhail Semenkov, the founder of Unibora, successfully implemented the technology. He created coloring, illustrations for fairy tales, puzzles and card games with animated images. It is easy to revive the illustration - you need to download the mobile application and attach the phone to the picture. The product became popular in the market and by March 2017 brought 5 million rubles.

The guys from Fotosklad company are working on an augmented reality project. They are developing instructions for using the device: a 3D model of photographic equipment opens on the phone screen, which can be disassembled and studied.

In 2018, by laying budgets for the development of AR technology, Russian marketers will surprise sophisticated buyers.

  • Wow effect
  • Simple adaptation for any segment.
  • Low competition. In Russia, technology is still underdeveloped.
  • The visual component. It is better to see once, albeit in augmented reality, than to hear 7 times.
  • Relatively high price - from 300 thousand rubles.
  • Development time - from 2 months.


Quiz - a small quiz. They involve the user in the game. Essence - the client passes a simple test, after which you propose a solution that closes his need. The result is displayed immediately or sent to the post, and after receiving the client publishes it on social networks - of course, at will. With one quiz, you can solve 3 global tasks:

  • Attracting new leads. Visitors to the site will willingly pass the test and leave contacts to get the result of the quiz.
  • Getting traffic from social networks. The results of the quiz must be such that users themselves share them on social networks. New customers, seeing the publication, will want to take the test and go to the site page.
  • Formation of a portrait of the target audience. If you do not know anything about a potential buyer, then before the quiz ask questions, the answers to which will give basic information. You will form a typical portrait: gender, age, geography, earnings, etc. There is a portrait - excellent! Think about what is missing in it and, based on this, formulate the questions in the quiz. It can be anything you like: favorite season, color, clothes, or a choice of the one you like. Depends on the product. But in any case, in the form of a game in the quiz, you will learn about the audience that in other conditions it is almost impossible to find out.

Successful quiz - target. This means that you know the audience and segment it correctly. You do not have enough information? Experiment, try, track results. If you fall into Central Asia - loyalty is guaranteed. Moreover, there will be a high chance of turning the quiz participants into customers.

This result can be boasted by Zennioptical Internet Optics, a million-dollar eyewear store, founded in 2003. If you believe the information in the blog of the service with which the quiz was made, the first millions of Zennioptical are obliged to the test, which attracted 200,000 users.

Quiz consists of 9 questions. 8 answers are given in pictures, for 1 question you need to choose one option out of 11 proposed. The result is a recommendation of the frame with a description of the type of personality. At the end of the description link to the online store.

In the quiz address to one person. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous. The format implies lightness and friendship.

Thank customers or brand loyal audience. Give the opportunity to win a prize. Reebok has just chosen this format.

Quiz is an effective component of content marketing and a new way of interacting with the audience. The customer should be interested with you. Do not let the user get tired - 7-15 questions per quiz will be optimal, no more.

  • Viral effect. Distributed through different channels of communication: websites, media, blogs, social networks.
  • You can do it yourself.
  • High degree of involvement.
  • Studying the audience. Helping to find out about the audience that with the help of other tools is difficult to figure out.
  • Popularity. The user may be tired of passing endless quizzes.

Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts in social networks - a new tool, with proper use, closes the objections of the audience and saves the company time. Consider the example of a clothing store.

Objection 1. I do not know how clothes will sit down. Live tell us about the characteristics of the product, show how it is tailored and sits on different types of figures.

Objection 2. I don’t know how the color looks live. Live video and good lighting will do the trick.

Objection 3. I do not know if you are real. Show the production process or office, introduce employees and tell them what they do.

Objection 4. I need an urgent, and you answer for a long time in social networks. If you have a large load and do not have the opportunity to answer customer questions every hour, take care of organizing regular online broadcasts when you can immediately answer all questions from the audience.

Objection 5. Expensive. Distribute promotional codes with discounts on products live or draw a joke.

Broadcasts should not be staged. This is an honest and useful communication with the company. But here's what you need to think about - this is the schedule of broadcasting Potential buyers are not just casual viewers of the broadcast, who update the social media feed. They must wait for live with impatience.

Cosmetic brand Benefit launched the weekly cycle "Tipsy Tricks", where he talked about cosmetic updates and makeup features. The broadcasts began at the same time, forming an audience viewing habit.

  • Availability. The tool is easy to use and does not require special skills.
  • Save time.
  • Work with objections.
  • It's free.
  • Mobility. Broadcasts can be conducted from smartphones.
  • Instant feedback with the audience.
  • The principle of "here and now."
  • The time limit for the broadcast is up to an hour on Instagram and up to 4 hours on Facebook.

Internet of things

Imagine: you are a manufacturer of coffee machines and a supplier of coffee capsules, a customer buys a complete coffee set. Coffee machine connects to the network. And every morning he makes coffee, signaling the toaster to cook fresh toasts. When the capsules run out, the coffee machine reminds you of the purchase of a new lot, announces discounts. Fantasy? No - Internet of things (IoT). This is a combination of different functionalities with the Internet or an alternative network. There can be a lot of elements connected to the network: computers, cars, engineering systems, household appliances. Connecting, they begin to interact.

And here is marketing?

  1. Audience data. With the help of IoT solutions, companies get a large amount of data containing consumer habits. Information is many times more in comparison with traditional marketing research. Technologies have taken a step forward: thanks to IoT solutions integrated into devices, marketers will be provided with a stream of data on customer interaction with the product. Instant feedback allows you to quickly troubleshoot and improve the product.
  2. Innovative products. They are always more interesting to the user than those with whom he has already encountered. IoT solutions will spur demand and increase sales.
  3. Spot advertising. Tracking customer activities will make advertising more relevant.
  4. "Contact Points". The more, the better.
  5. Automation. Consumer data will automatically flow into the common database. This will speed up the process of their collection and processing.
  • Optimization of work with user data.
  • Simplify consumer life by automating network devices.
  • Extensive use.
  • Instant feedback and making operational changes to the product.
  • The tool which is a little mastered in Russia.
  • Security. Theoretically, user data should not be passed on to third parties, but whether this is actually the case is unknown.


  1. The rules of the game change all the time. It is important to follow the trends in marketing, to introduce technological innovations in the market. One should always study, interest, engage, intrigue, surprise the buyer.
  2. Augmented reality expands the capabilities of storage media (presentations, books, layouts, models, graphics, etc.) and increases the value of graphic content.
  3. Quizzes are best written in the language of the audience, simply and in a friendly way. No more than 15 questions in one test.
  4. Live broadcasts work with objections, speed up the buying process and save time.
  5. The Internet of Things is in an embryonic state, but it has great potential for analytics and automation of marketing processes.

The material was prepared by Daniel Pleshkov,
marketer Flexbe.

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