Pay with repost: an overview of the best sharing services

Imagine such a situation. You have just finished working on a new super-useful e-book. We posted it on our website, shared it on all social networks, advertised it in the newsletter. Your regular users are happy to download and read it, but the number of views and downloads is still very small. You expected your book to become viral in a flash (after all, it objectively has everything you need to do this), but this does not happen ... What to do in this case? How to provoke its distribution on the network and get the widest possible audience coverage?

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is services and plugins. "Pay repost" (Like, tweet, +1 - depending on what goals you are pursuing). Their meaning is as follows: to download your content for free - high-quality white paper, the results of an important study, an interesting webinar recording, a set of awesome flat icons, etc. - the user must either share it, or like your page in one of the social networks. Thus, a person gets the desired content absolutely free, and you get a wide audience reach.

Next, we will analyze the best services that allow users to pay with sheers and likes, as well as one manual way for those who are not afraid to work with codes.

Pay with a tweet service

The best service of those that I managed to find on the Internet. Functional, beautiful in design, with translation into Russian, detailed statistics and without a single bug. In principle, it would be possible to finish this article on this service, if not for one "but" - it is conditionally free. That is, you can use this product for free, but with a big restriction on functions. The paid version of the service costs at least $ 30 (depending on the tariff).

How to work with Pay with a tweet?

  1. Click on the Create yout free campaign button on the main page of the site.
  1. Fill in the necessary information and do not forget to put at the very end two checkboxes confirming your agreement with the terms of use of the product, as well as your legal authorship.
  1. Select the desired button size and copy the appropriate code.
  1. Paste it in the place where you want to see this button.

Unfortunately, in the free version you can not change either the text or the button design. This function is only in paid mode.

But making your button is still possible. To do this, find or draw the picture you need and put a direct link to it (Direct URL) from item 3.

  1. Enjoy the result.

Wordpress Plugin Pay with a Tweet

A good working plugin, though with one major drawback - it allows you to pay only tweets. Other social networks in it are not provided.

How to work with Pay with a Tweet plugin?

  1. Install and activate the plugin. How to do this, we wrote in detail at the very beginning of the article about free plugins for Wordpress.
  2. Make sure that in the permalink settings you have the "Record Name". Without this item, the plugin will not work.
  1. Do it the same way as shown in the following video:
  1. In the control panel, select Pay with a tweet - Upload files, download the content that your users will download after sharing it, and click Create payment button.
  1. Fill in the suggested fields as shown in the following screenshot. In the Image item, you must select the call to action button.
  1. Go to Pay with a tweet - Manage buttons, copy the code of the button you just created and paste it into your post.
  1. Enjoy the result.

Other plugins and services turned out to be inoperable.

  • WordPress plugin Wplike2get - does not display a link after sharing.
  • Plugin for Wordpress Share & Get it - the text of the message is not displayed, the sharing does not work.
  • Plugin for Joomla Pay with social is the only free plugin for this engine and also, like the previous two, is non-working.
  • Service - instead of the Russian language shows hieroglyphs. Suitable only for English-speaking Internet.

Manual method

The most interesting and, in my opinion, convenient. It consists in the following: after the user shares your content in one of the social networks, the button of this social network disappears and a download link appears instead.

It looks like this:

To achieve the same effect, you must enter the following code (where highlighted in gray, enter your details):

function labnol () {

var url = "/upload/img/white-paper-korporativnyy-bloging-mini.pdf";

url = "Click here to download the file.";

document.getElementById ("restricted"). innerHTML = url;


window.twttr = (function (d, s, id) {

var t, js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0];

if (d.getElementById (id)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id;

js.src = "//";

fjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js, fjs);

Return window.twttr || (t = {_e: [], ready: function (f) {t._e.push (f)}});

} (document, "script", "twitter-wjs"));

twttr.ready (function (twttr) { ('tweet', function (event) {

labnol ();



data-text = "Excellent white paper on corporate blogging"

data-via = "WebTexterra" class = "twitter-share-button" data-lang = "en">

The same can be done with other social networks, and not only with shares, but also likes. However, for this you will definitely need the help of a programmer, if you yourself do not understand the codes and scripts.

Should I always use the "Pay Repost" method?

I will answer briefly: no, definitely not worth it. Otherwise, users will declare a boycott and instead of the picture that was at the very beginning of the post, you might get this:

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