Working with content in different social networks: what, how and when to post to attract customers

According to Brand Analytics, in November, 35 million people in Russia made at least one publication on the Internet. This is slightly less than the population of Canada. A total of 698 million messages were published, and 70% of them are on social networks.

Brand Analytics counted only talking users. And how many more unaccounted silent?

Marketers teach us to interact with their target audience where it is convenient for this audience. The numbers above are the best proof of how important it is for a business to conduct a competent smm policy.

To maximize reach your target audience, you will have to keep accounts on all sites at once. But we must not forget that many people are registered not in one, but in several social networks. So when you try to reach your customers, keep in mind that the audience may overlap.

In addition, in each social network a person behaves differently: on Facebook, he consumes one content, and on Instagram he comes in completely after another.

There is another pitfall: if you post the same thing, then the person simply does not need to read you everywhere. He will choose the one platform most convenient for him, and you will be left without a man-unit for all the others.

Therefore, the ideal option would be different content for different social networks.

We analyzed the most popular sites and give recommendations where some content is more effective.

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What to post on Facebook

In the Russian segment of Facebook, 1 million active authors, 50 million posts were published over the last month. This is not the best, but rather significant indicator to think about what users of this social network need.

Features of the social network audience

According to network analysts, 42% of men and 58% of women.

Facebook has the most advanced professional audience. Users often become public figures, entrepreneurs and top managers of large companies. There are also many IT-specialists, people of creative professions, designers, architects, advertisers.

Social status is above average. Age category - from 25 to 50 years.

Facebook users have an active lifestyle, are interested in business, politics, various areas of culture, are always ready to share their opinions on current issues and are aimed at finding business contacts.

What content to use

Most users prefer to receive current news here. However, the content requirements are quite stringent. You should always be aware of what is happening and instantly respond to infopovody.

The site itself supports the idea of ​​sharing interesting content. Users read, comment on posts and share them in their profiles.

Therefore, if you managed to write material that corresponds to the interests of the audience, they will want to share it. Then likes and reposts will not keep you waiting. And with them, new subscribers will come to your page.

It is interesting to note that despite all its seriousness, many users are happy to take part in various testing, flash games. With them, too, you can gain popularity.

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Currently the most popular users are:

  • Oleg Ponomar;
  • Anatoly Shary;
  • Maria Zakharova.

And in the top official pages:

  • Dolce & Gabbana;
  • homify;
  • Nikon;
  • Eurosport;
  • Jaguar;
  • Skyscanner

If you look at what users are discussing, then at the time of writing this article in the top of the most commented post by Martha Ketro, where the female audience speaks about the inadmissibility of age discrimination.

On the Radio Liberty page, people are outraged by the events in Aleppo.

And in the profile of Hasan Huseynov there is a post where antonyms are simply listed. The people play and add their own.

Total: As expected, news, policy posts, and luxury brand pages are popular. This once again confirms the seriousness of the hobbies of the public. However, games and conversations on topics of life are also relevant.

Therefore, use sharp, challenging content for discussion, so that you want to share with friends and express your point of view.

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What post Vkontakte

VKontakte 13 million people, in November they published 300 million messages. This is the most popular social network of the three.

Features of the social network audience

Among registered users, 43% are men and 57% are women.

Audience - schoolchildren, students, young professionals, freelancers. Age of authors from 13 to 34 years.

Here young people communicate, share music, photos, subscribe to groups of different subjects, view community news and share links from other resources.

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Behind VKontakte, the image of the network has been fixed for easy entertainment and communication with friends.

The site administration is doing everything so that the user spent all his time here and did not go on the big Internet. Profile applications are constantly being developed for this. A service for online video broadcasts has recently been launched, there is a shop window for online stores, and you can even pay for your purchase with Vkontakte.

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What content to use

Vkontakte has a certain behavior pattern: here users rarely create content. For them, this is done by various communities and publics. They post tons of posts on all sorts of topics - humor, beauty, fashion, health, interesting facts, selections of films, books, online games.

Users are subscribed to a huge number of communities, and it is their posts that they share on their page.

It's easy to be an "active user" - just click the "Tell friends" button and that's it. You do not need to defend your expert opinion.

VKontakte most popular authors are video bloggers. Their pages are in demand among schoolchildren and students.

Most subscribers at the moment have:

  • Mariana Rozhkova;
  • Ivan Rudskoy;
  • Jan Gordienko;
  • Olga Buzova;
  • Yegor Creed;

In the top groups:

  • Ward № 6;
  • JOKES | Smeyaka;
  • Overheard;
  • MDK;
  • School? No, not heard!

Among the most talked about publications at the time of this writing: a poll in the ADD TO FRIENDS group, where users click on the number of friends they would like to have. On the page of Mariana Ro there is a word game among the readers, and a prize draw in the online Warface shooter.

Total: Unlike Facebook, it’s not customary here to express your opinion and make sharp content. Young people are concerned about proving their own social success, having fun, playing, and therefore, to increase involvement, use the simplest polls, quizzes, viral content that they will want to share.

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What to post to Instagram

Instagram has 4.6 million active authors, in November they published 78 million posts. Social network is one of the most dynamic. Take at least the number of updates that have been carried out over the past year. Facebook just does not buy the site.

Features of the social network audience

The bulk of Instagram users are women. They are here 79%, and men - 21%.

There are no official data on the age of the authors; we can only approximately estimate that, on average, most of them are between 16 and 34 years old.

They lead a very active lifestyle, adhere to a healthy diet, are aimed at equal development in the family and career.

Instagram ranks second in the number of users creating content. Nowadays, it's pretty easy to take a photo, put a filter, put it on the network and wait for social strokes - likes.

Therefore, users like to record weekdays in their account, where they go, several times a day.

The audience on the social network is mostly female, and therefore, the interests are relevant - fashion, celebrity news, children. In Instagram, there are accounts with many stars, whose lives the users enjoy watching.

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What content to use

Instagram is, first of all, a story about a photo, it is a story about a beautiful picture. Users come to share their photos and be inspired by strangers.
However, the video is gaining momentum: live broadcasts are running, stories are added and disappearing video messages, the length of the video has been increased to a minute - all this speaks of the video as a trend of 2017.

Users not only watch, but also read texts, and actively comment on posts. This is indicated by the latest updates - likes comments, moderation of them.

The topics that concern the audience are health, motherhood, handicraft, beauty, show business.

Currently the most popular accounts for:

  • Ksenia Borodina;
  • Olga Buzova;
  • Video;
  • Kate Clapp;
  • Best of the Net!

Most of the comments at the date of this writing were collected: TNT post with the vote "Choose the winner of the Psychic Battle", a test puzzle from Video Prikol and LOOKBOOK Fashion poll "What to wear?" with variable choice.

Total: The female audience on the network loves the same things as in everyday life: look at beautiful pictures, read about others, express their opinions.

So, we need content that will allow users to speak. However, it is worthwhile to use not sharply political topics, like in Facebook, but to raise everyday issues - about beauty, fashion, healthy lifestyle, children, personal success, creativity.

When to post

Disputes about the effective time for posting are ongoing. If only recently someone could say with confidence that the attention of the audience can be attracted at strictly certain hours, now all three networks have introduced smart tapes, which form the content each according to their own algorithm. Now, even if you posted a post at the "right" time, it may not be seen due to a low ER.

But, anyway, for someone to like your posts, the audience should be in touch.

With the help of the Popsters service, we analyzed the top pages in each social network. The graph shows the effectiveness of publications depending on the time of day and days of the week for the last month. All calculations made -1 hour Moscow


Total: The most active days are Sunday and Monday.

This can be explained by the fact that on Friday-Saturday, people actively spent time, and on Sunday - passive rest before work.

Monday is the day of procrastination, when it is hard to immediately get involved in the workflow.

Here we are attached to the working days, because, as you remember, the audience is professional.

Time - the peak from 9-00 to 13-00 Moscow time, the rest of the time - a relatively even distribution. Peaks occur during the drive to work and the first working hours of procrastination.

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In contact with

Total: During the week, activity is distributed relatively exactly by day. Monday's increase, but insignificant.

By time - an even distribution from 8 am to 24-00 Moscow time.

This is explained by the fact that the audience is young, all the time with gadgets, constantly leafing through the tape.


Total: Sources failures most often on Wednesday and Thursday, and peaks at different times.

By the time - relatively exactly from 9 am to 24-00 Moscow time.

To find out what time your audience is active, use the services of analytics. For example, connect a free business account that gives this opportunity.

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How to post

Your content is a unique opportunity to constantly remind your existence to customers. Therefore, you need to create activity on your page in social networks every day.

Count yourself: at least three social networks, you need to write something at least once a day ... This is a huge amount of time you need to spend if you publish everything in the old-fashioned way manually.

Therefore it is worth using the services of postponing posting. For example, SMMplanner. With it, you can upload posts to all popular social networks - Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, as well as Twitter and Odnoklassniki.

You only need to pick up content once a month, create a schedule of posts and schedule publications in SMMplanner, so that you don’t come back to this.

The service in addition to the main functionality, there are a number of nice bonuses. With it you can:

  • simultaneously post posts to several social networks;
  • there is a breakdown by project - you can add the necessary networks to each project;
  • not only publish, but also delete the post at a certain time;
  • edit images using 28 filters;
  • There is a hashtag counter for Instagram;
  • monthly bonus posts;
  • You can automatically add your logo on the photo (watermark), as well as change its position and size;
  • there is a convenient addition of text to the image and work with its background;
  • the program itself will adjust the size of the photo to the required size of the social network.

And the most important thing is convenient video instructions on work and friendly technical support, which is always in touch. It's not scary to write there, because the guys are well aware that not only professionals use the service.

The project was originally created to facilitate the work of smm-specialists and administrators who maintain several public tables.

Now a whole community of professionals has formed around this service. You can join it and always be up to date with news from the world of marketing.

What is the result

Based on data analysis, we have prepared a mind map with content and a good posting time for each social network. We hope that now it will be easier for you to create your content plan.

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