How to write without errors

In short, no way. Even if you put a spelling dictionary under your pillow, in which you use a philologist's diploma instead of a bookmark, errors and typos will still appear in your texts. Therefore, the article would be correctly called "How to reduce the number of errors in the texts." Interested in an answer to this question? Then read on.

Why think about mistakes

Internet users are looking for expert information on the Web. They forgive the site and the author of errors and typos, if they find in the article something new, useful and interesting. This is true if there are not too many errors in the material. Just do not try to determine the specific allowable amount of inaccuracies, it is a subjective indicator. The same text can be a model of illiteracy and a benchmark for error-free writing for different readers.

One thing is certain: the more errors in the text, the higher the likelihood that the visitor will stop perceiving the information and will begin to correct the material. Of course, tolerance for errors depends on the expectations of the audience. For example, if you read the topic “How to quickly clean the pipes” on the forum for plumbers, then you will not pay attention to “tsya” and “tsya”. And if you read "", then you will scold the resource for the only mistake I noticed.

Here is information for consideration:

  • Russian social psychologists found out in the course of the study that mistakes reduce the visitor’s confidence in the site.
  • Representatives of the American service Grammarly found that errors in the LinkedIn profile correlate with the career success of a person.
  • The editor of the Wall Street Journall Sue Schellenbarger did not conduct research, so she is guided by her own observations. In her opinion, errors extremely negatively affect the effectiveness of marketing messages.

The more mistakes users see in texts, the less they trust you. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to reduce the number of inaccuracies on the site.

How to quickly increase literacy

Do you want to hear anything about Russian textbooks? This is a natural reaction for an adult. For an infantile adult. Well, you understand: running to the bookstore or to the file sharing service. For example, find a manual on the Russian language for entering universities (author DE Rosenthal). Perform one or two exercises per day. This will significantly reduce the number of errors in your texts.

The following recommendations will also help you:

  • Read the text several times. If possible, read aloud.
  • Collaborate with a professional proofreader and editor. This will greatly enhance the quality of your publications.
  • Read fiction and quality business literature.
  • Pay attention to common errors. To do this, you will have to write out all the errors that you find during the proofreading. You can also ask the editor to return texts with highlighted errors to you. Analyze data about inaccuracies, repeat the relevant rules, do the exercises.
  • Practice freeriting. This technique helps to overcome the writer's stupor. In addition, it reinforces the knowledge that you have received from textbooks on the Russian language.

Automatic text checking tools

You can quickly find and fix most spelling errors and typos with the help of automatic tools and services. The following are some of them:

  • Spell checker in text editor. In Word, this function is called by pressing the F7 key.
  • The spell checking tool of the stock exchange "Advego". Paste the text into the appropriate field and click the "Check" button.
  • Orthogram. This service copes well with spelling errors. Moreover, the developers claim that with the help of “Orthograms”, punctuation and even stylistic mistakes can be corrected. Among the shortcomings of the service need to note the need for authorization.
  • Yandex.Speller. The service sees some spelling errors.
  • The service sees some of the errors.
  • The Znachaschalka service removes double spaces, and also solves a number of tasks not related to the search for errors.
  • The Glavred service is positioned as a means of removing verbal garbage from the text. It is worth noting that algorithmic tools are not quite suitable for determining the expediency of using certain words in a text. It’s better to subtract the article to the professional editor.

As you can see, you should not completely trust text checking to automatic services. However, you can use them to quickly find some typos and inaccuracies.

Grammar Nazi Trap

You have already understood that on the site, in any case, typos and errors will slip. This means that comments from readers will appear in the comments to your publications. Well, when a friendly user calmly indicates inaccuracy. You can thank him and correct the mistake.

Worse, if a typo on the site is some super-literate troll. Get ready to read in the comments that you need to sweep the streets and not write texts. You are certainly not upset by such recommendations. But some visitors who are not familiar with your business, may make a wrong impression about it.

To reduce the likelihood of jokes from freelance troll proofreaders, install the Orphus online error reporting system on the site. Finding inaccuracy on the site, any user will be able to report it to you. Only you will see the error message.

To install the Orphus system on the site, follow the instructions posted on the main page of the service:

  • Specify the email address to which you will receive error notifications.
  • Select interface language.
  • Download and install the system file on your site.
  • Select the appearance of the service button.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code on the site.

You will not get rid of mistakes completely.

However, you have the opportunity to drastically reduce their number on the site. To do this, you need to improve: study and repeat the rules of the Russian language, read texts, read good books. This does not save you from the need to cooperate with a professional proofreader and editor. Use automatic text-checking services for self-checking, and the Orphus system to combat users' negative reaction to errors.

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