How to overcome a personal crisis

You travel to work with the same route, meet the same people, do the same work from year to year, live a measured, eventless life without upheavals and breakthroughs, get a steady income and are not going to increase it and even in the toilet have been reading the same book for a year now. And all this does not bother you. You are a happy person, you can not read further, so as not to frighten away your happiness.

But if you, as well as the author of this article, are confused in life, then let's understand the reasons and look for ways out together.

Stress is your lifestyle. You do not have enough drive, you are stuck: routine, current work and lack of understanding how to improve or radically change the situation. You have the uncertainty in life and the lack of goals, you can no longer enjoy work, because you just do not know where to go. They expect a lot from you, and you no longer feel the strength not to let the others down? Nothing for you - well, you just don't like anything at all: damn traffic jams, October slush and the smell of raw clothes at rush hour in the subway. All the ideas that come to your once light head or to the dark heads of your subordinates are complete ..., your boss cannot ignite you and therefore he is also full of ... You don’t want to go home on time because your gloomy mood is source of conflict with the home. And even if suddenly - naturally, quite by chance - you like something, you will still find a negative detail in this good one: you came to visit your old friend, sit drinking tea and think: good is Zhenya’s good man, but here’s a cat him an asshole

Coincidentally? Congratulations, you have a crisis. Survived.

The crisis is a state of consciousness overturn, in which the whole habitual way of life and earlier working methods of achieving goals have lost their relevance, they are no longer adequate to reality. The reality is different, you are the same.

The state is not pleasant, sometimes it even seems that it is time to go to a psychologist, and in the darkest night of the hour a completely seditious thought is laid: perhaps it will soon have to be treated for depression with clinical methods. You are bogged down in such an impasse that it is never dumber.

For the sake of experiment, you can try to follow the advice of psychologists:

  • Look for a whole hour at the green wall (the green color is soothing).
  • Take time off and go about your business - that is, lie on the couch all day (you come up with some other kind of rest? Then until this crisis, you are still far away, you still have the ability to think sensibly).
  • Stop watching the news, watch only the program "Wait for me" (the growth of entropy in the world destroys the soul, and in a touching program about meetings after a long separation, everything always ends in a happy ending, you only need to receive positive emotions).
  • Eat chocolate (even if you are sick of it, still eat. Honestly, I do not know exactly what the mechanism of action is: endorphins and kakhetins replace the gray matter of the brain, and the person becomes insane happy, or something like that).

Let's say you tried. Suppose even, it bore some fruit: they became thicker from chocolate, green eyes appeared in the eyes because you repainted the walls of your office and apartment in a chic aquamarine color.

But you are still in a crisis. Admit it. And there will be your first step on the way out of it. You need to fight not with external signs of crisis, but with its internal causes, you have to start shifting the foundation of your being.

For what? In order to make life more interesting.

How to do it? Remember, Albert Einstein said: "It is impossible to solve a problem at the same level at which it arose. We need to rise above this problem by rising to the next level."

The basis of all crises - in business and personal life, economic, political, financial and others - is the same. It is existential: the reality has already changed, and the inertia of the habitual has not yet ended, and it is a question of eliminating this inertia, coming to the same denominator with reality. Until you realize the crisis as part of your life, until you pass it through your soul, you cannot do anything. Any crisis is always a crisis of growth. And he is always existential. If he does not require a revision of the values ​​and foundations of life, then this is not a crisis, but something else. And you can calm down - this "other" is treated with chocolate.

If you are caught offended by just such a crisis, it means only one thing - you are worthy: the crisis does not fall on the head of someone who does not strive for anything.

Do not push him, he will still overtake you. It is like a natural disaster: sooner or later, but meeting with it is inevitable. It is better to stop and look into the terrible eyes of your crisis, wide open. What is there? Absolute blackness and cosmic cold? Drop it. There is just a problem that you can’t solve. And you need to solve it, because it is your life program - the growth is exponential, the constant striving forward to the new, to the discoveries, to joy and drive. If everything is the same, then we are on the right track.

And this is the second step - to recognize that you want to live exponentially, to build your life program in a profession, in business, in your personal space not on the desire for comfort and stagnation, but on the desire for growth. And that which bothers you must be overcome.

You have long wanted to do web design, open an online store of bed linen, start selling delicious pizza, write a novel, create your own musical group, go live in Africa, increase the profitability of your business by 100% in a year or go to the Around the World, but not decide, instead you continue to live an uninteresting life day after day and feel how the entropy is growing.


    Next steps

    Crisis is cool. Stop dormant. Without crises, nothing happens. Look at the situation differently. To cope with the crisis is your quest, and it is the most fascinating of all that you just had to go through.

    Be blonde. In times of crisis, it will always seem to you that everything around you has little in common with what you would like to see around you, and indeed you have globally inflated at birth - you slipped someone else's shell and someone else’s life. You were counting on being Bill Gates (not to the point? What, did Vladimir Putin really?). Accept the fact that life is still yours - and intentionally go to the crisis zone, where one existential collapse replaces another. Exclude from this whole cocktail only one ingredient - a serious approach to life. Change the physiognomy of Lincoln, who clearly understands that life is not a game, but an honor, a duty and a commitment, to the pretty face of a blonde who can amaze every little thing. In short, be light-haired blonde - what's wrong with that? Even Einstein was blond. Do not you know about it? Well, here's a proof:

    Only a blonde can seriously set a goal to become Marilyn Monroe or Madonna. Only if you are blonde can you set yourself a task to open eateries in 50 cities of Russia for a year. But your friend will set himself a goal not so bold: 10 more stores of sports equipment in the Russian Federation during the same period. Well, you will open 45, not 50. At the same time, a friend will open all 10 - as planned. Of course, he will say to everyone: here is an example of what you need to set realistic goals for yourself. And lead to the proof of your "failure". Seriously, are you upset? Do not be upset - and great, just smile and move on. Although if you are upset - it is generally just excellent. Respect to you! So, there are still many crises ahead of which you will experience a drive.

    What is wrong with insane purposes? Put the unthinkable, impracticable, in anyone's head, except yours, not coming. And then life will seem anything - difficult, bright, insane, but not boring.

    Love the state of crisis. If you accept the statement that life is an exponential growth, then you will not have to put up with constant stress. You will have to love him. The best ideas come in a state where it seems that the shaped P-Z-D-Ts has come. The darkest time before dawn, is not it?

    Do not wait for help from. If you think that in order to open a company that provides legal services, you need $ 50,000, better leave this venture. If you think that someone will give you a killer idea of ​​how to make a million dollars or write a good article - just forget about what you were going to do. Nothing will come of it. You go hunting. You have a spear in your hands, and in the dark a saber-toothed tiger hides behind the trees. Such is life, and it is necessary to enter it with the thought: no one will help us and do not need help. You do not need help - just take it and do it.

    Make what you do the meaning of your life. It seems to you that your work is not at all what you really want to do. Ask yourself the question: is that the same thing? And most importantly, are your competencies sufficient to do this “desired something” at the same level of quality at which you do your real work? If you have a clear answer to the first question and a positive answer to the second, see the previous paragraph. And if you answer the second question positively, you find it difficult, then think about this: a person is the sum of his actions, his active manifestations in this world; those around you are appreciated only by your external actions, your desires and dreams are absolutely uninteresting to them. And if you show them only in verbal form, no one will take them seriously. Try telling a colleague: I dream of sewing designer clothes. He indulgently pats you on the shoulder and says: go finish the program code. Perhaps your real life is the one you lead now, and your work, if you make it cool, is your real vocation. So love it, and your life will become interesting, and the constant growth of the exhibitor and drive crises will become its meaning.

    Do not be afraid. Fear breeds inaction and lack of will. Do not hesitate, dare. May not it happen that you lose? The most important thing is life - you will definitely not lose because of an unsuccessful attempt to make something worthwhile. But the absence of even an attempt is much worse. The world is not good and beautiful, it is full of dangers. The hunt continues in it indefinitely, until humanity sweeps away the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano.

    Hope to be even harder. Yes, that's right - and catch the buzz from it. Strive to get out of the crisis zone only in order to get into another crisis. Ask yourself questions: what will happen to me in a year, five, ten years? What goals do you want to achieve at these stages? And step by step at each stage, strive to do everything to make your long-term perspective become a reality.

    Think constantly about what is the basis of your main problems.. Einstein once said that if he had only an hour to save the world, he would have spent 55 minutes to identify the problem, and only five minutes to search for its solution.

    Think: what inscription would you like to see on your tombstone? Your position? Your hobby? What do you really need? Go to this, if you really want a life drive.

    By the way, you can do it easier: make a notch in your memory: insert into your will (long life and prosperity to you :)) fad: I will not leave anything to anyone unless they write on my tombstone: he was the most fanatical fan of green tea and once ... but that's another story, somehow in another life ...

    There is no need to look for comfort and stability: there is no development there, but stability is temporary, a little more - and it will grow into stagnation. Go to the crisis zone intentionally. Even one small crisis a day — even an empty one, at least as much as finding the right word in a sentence — will give you the necessary share of life drive. But the main thing - do not flatter yourself. You overcome one crisis only to go to another. The endless hunt for the saber-toothed tiger continues.

    Watch the video: Why Crisis Management is Important. Amanda Flowers Peterson. TEDxRedding (February 2020).


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