Is there life outside of Yandex and Google: alternative ways to drive traffic

Yandex and Google hold about 90% of the search market of the Russian Internet. Does this mean that site owners should not waste time working with other "search engines"? No, because Internet surfers are actively using other search engines. It is not only about [email protected], Bing and other alternatives that collectively occupy about 10% of the market. People are increasingly looking for information using tools that are alternative to all search engines, including heavyweights. What tools are we talking about and how to use them in internet marketing? Read below.

Search engines: names may change, principles will be preserved

To find information on the web, people use search engines. For example, to choose a tablet or smartphone, the consumer makes an information trip. He studies the guides, compares his needs with the technical characteristics of the models he likes, reads reviews and watches video reviews. When the choice is made, the user virtually runs through several stores in search of lower prices, cheaper deliveries and a longer warranty.

The more expensive the product, the more carefully the buyer examines the information. Keep this in mind if you are selling expensive goods or services.

As noted above, Yandex and Google dominate the runet search market. Google, Bing and Baidu are leading the global market. There are no prerequisites for a quick change of the situation for two reasons.

The first is the financial and technical capabilities of the champions. Is it worth saying that the latter are due to the former? Yandex and Google have the opportunity to hire the best specialists, buy technologies together with companies that develop them, and carry out expensive research. For example, Google is investing in human machine learning. Thanks to this, search engine giants are looking for information better than competitors.

The second is additional services of leaders. Web analytics systems, tools for website owners, browsers, social networks, contextual advertising systems, operating systems and other tools make Internet users and website owners loyal to Google and Yandex.

Should I fight for 10% of natural traffic, divided between the rest of the search engines? Speak, you can pay attention to the "[email protected]", which serves about 7% in runet, and the rest you can spit? Do not be categorical.

Firstly, if you are engaged in search marketing, then promote the site at the same time in all search engines. Any "search engine" seeks to offer the audience information that is most relevant to its needs. Your task is to create and publish such information. If it is really high-quality and relevant to the interests of users, the search engines of the present and the future will find it.

Secondly, the quality of the search is growing and will continue to grow. It is possible that tomorrow or in two years there will be a spasmodic improvement of search algorithms. And do not think that only Google or Yandex is capable of a qualitative jerk. Perhaps the unpopular search engine today will take the lead. Site owners should monitor promising search engines and think about their possible leadership in advance.

[email protected]: the third is not superfluous

In June 2015, the “search engine” occupied 7.4% of the Russian Internet market. This is the third search engine in the Russian-language segment of the Network, whose market share is calculated in percent or tens of percent. Here are a few more reasons to pay attention to [email protected]:

  • develops its own services, thanks to which it can rely on the loyalty of the audience. Mail, browser, price comparison and instant messaging services, social networks are the most popular ones.
  • Access to financial and technological resources. If you want more details, find information about Group and Digital Sky Technologies.
  • The desire to improve the search. If one of the founders of Group, Yuri Milner, has to do with extraterrestrial civilizations, then it’s up to the development of search technology, right?

Here is what the site owner should know about the search engine:

  • This search engine has a popular mobile application. If you want to attract owners of smartphones and tablets, adapt the site for mobile traffic.
  • "Search Engine" offers webmasters a basic set of tools to monitor the technical condition of the site. In the panel, you can track external links, search queries, evaluate the structure of the site and get other statistical information. Is it worth spending time on webmaster tools, if you use similar services of Yandex or Google? More likely no than yes.
  • According to the observations of the participants of the popular forum on search engines, the social signals: likes and sharing in social networks, as well as mentions in Replies [email protected] positively affect the ranking of a resource in search. External links and behavioral factors also influence the position of the site. At the same time, [email protected] is not able to deal with link spam as effectively as Google or Yandex.

Search from Microsoft: Bing

In June 2015, the share of Bing in RuNet was 0.7%. In the global market for the same period, the search engine from Microsoft served 9.83% of requests.

If you promote a site in burzhuneta, pay attention to Bing because of a considerable market share of this "searcher". And if you are only interested in Runet, keep the search engine from Microsoft in mind because of its potential. The Windows operating system is installed on nine out of ten desktops in the world. Do you think Microsoft is not capable of a breakthrough in the search market of the Russian segment of the Web?

Site owners need to pay attention to the following information about Bing:

  • The functionality of the toolbar for Bing webmasters can be matched with the capabilities of the Google Search Console and Yandex.Webmaster. You can customize indexing parameters, track backlinks and keywords, and receive and analyze a lot of other useful information.
  • Bing offers users a convenient image search. Internet surfer can specify advanced settings, for example, the size and type of photos, directly on the page of issue.
  • Members of foreign Internet marketing forums note that Bing is slowly indexing websites. If you attract foreign traffic, please be patient.

Other search engines

There are two more search engines in runet, which occupy a market share of more than a tenth of a percent. This is Rambler and Yahoo. The first uses the search engine "Yandex", and the second uses the "search engine" Bing. The share of other search engines as of June 2015 does not exceed 0.1%. You will not interfere with the information about the existence of such search engines:

  • Nigma This is a Russian service, positioned as an intelligent search engine. Nigma searches for information using its own database of indexed sites, as well as using an index of market leaders. The main feature of the search engine is the ability to filter search results. For example, a user can search for information only on online shopping sites.
  • DuckDuckGo. This American "search engine" is suitable for paranoid, fans of the films "The Matrix" and "Enemy of the State" and other people who care about online privacy. DuckDuckGo does not track user network activity and does not personalize the issue. According to the developers of the service, this allows you to form an objective issue for any user request.
  • Baidu. In the selection of demotivators there is an example confirming the low quality of the issue for Russian-language queries. However, this search engine must be remembered because of the law of the transition of quantitative changes into qualitative ones.

There are other search engines, alternative to Yandex and Google. However, the main threats to the leaders of the search market are not “search engines” in the traditional sense. Internet users often find information and make consumer travels without the help of Google. What alternatives should pay attention first? About this next.

The main competitors of the "search engines": online stores and price aggregators

At the end of 2014, Google Chairman of the Board of Directors Eric Schmidt named the main competitor of his company. This is not Bing, Yandex or Baidu. The leader of the online search fears to cede market share to a champion in another sport: the world's largest online store Amazon.

Mr. Schmidt was late, as Google has already conceded the Amazon championship here and there. According to analyst firm Forrester Research, in 2013, 30% of American online shoppers began a consumer journey from The largest search engine in the world and the USA retained only 15% of requests.

Amazon and other large online retailers and price aggregators take transactional queries from search engines. This should be clarified by example.

When a consumer plans to buy a complex and expensive product, he uses mainly informational requests: “how to choose a mountain bike”, “how many cameras should have a plastic window”, “where it is advantageous to rest in the winter”. Answers to requests for information more convenient to search in the "search engines".

When a consumer buys an understandable and inexpensive product, he does not need information. Therefore, it uses transaction requests: "pizza delivery", "buy an 8 Gb memory card". When the user knows exactly what he needs, requests are reduced to the name of the product: "Feather blades 100 pieces", "compression stockings medi class 2". Transactional queries are well managed by price aggregators and search on the site of online stores.

Online store owners should consider price aggregators and popular marketplaces as an alternative to search engines. For example, for online merchants in the US, it is more important to ensure the visibility of their product in Amazon than in Google and other “search engines”.

In runet, the audience of the major search engines exceeds the Yandex.Market audience by an order of magnitude. However, only this price aggregator serves millions of requests per day. Therefore, domestic webmasters should actively work with the alternative to Yandex and Google. What sites to pay attention in the first place?

Market: a giant online bazaar from Yandex

According to Yandex, the monthly audience of the Market service is 20 million people. Do you need additional arguments for the presence of your products in this aggregator? Then keep almost a conspiracy theories: the largest search engine runet earns on shows of your products and transitions to the site. Therefore, Yandex is interested in making your offer visible. See the confirmation in the illustration.

What should owners of stores know about Yandex.Market?

  • Publication of offers on the service is paid. You can choose a convenient payment option: for transitions, for transactions and per day hits.
  • You can publish on the service information about the offline store. In this case, it will be displayed on the "Maps".
  • Yandex.Market has a popular mobile application in which users can place orders. Adapt your website for mobile traffic, as many buyers will want to visit it after a successful purchase.
  • Buyers can rate and leave feedback on stores. Therefore, pay attention to the quality of customer service and the reputation of your store.

Products Privacy Policy

The trading site from is the main competitor of Yandex.Market in RuNet. According to the company, the monthly audience of the service is about 3 million people. The principle of the service does not differ from the aggregator "Yandex": the seller must register the store and add product descriptions. Payment is made for the transitions to the seller's website. a price aggregator from Rambler

Attendance aggregator is comparable to the attendance of the service. What else do you need to know about this tool?

  • is integrated with the "Runner". This facilitates the management of advertising campaigns.
  • The site has a system of reviews and ratings. Because of this, small stores can compete with heavyweights with quality customer service.
  • The leaders of position their service as a competitor of Yandex.Market. The cost of advertising in "" is lower than in the service "Yandex".

What other aggregators can bring traffic

Owners of online stores can pay attention to the following services:

  • Amazon. This is the largest online store in the world. Pay attention to it if your products are competitive in the global market. Pay attention to the features of the "search engine" Amazon.
  • Ebay This is another tool for selling goods to foreigners. To register an account, you will need a PayPal account.
  • Online auctions, and similar services. They attract buyers the opportunity to purchase goods at a bargain price. Use them if you are ready to compete with your margin.

If you sell products on the Internet, get traffic using price aggregators and popular marketplaces: Yandex.Market, [email protected], Amazon. And if you distribute an information product, pay attention to the following alternative to search engines.

Social networks: do not get lost in the flow of information

According to, in June 2015, the ratio of traffic from search engines and social networks in RuNet was 10 to 1, respectively. Despite the different orders of numbers, social networks act as one of the main sources of traffic for sites. And many Internet users view Vkontakte and similar sites as the main source of information.

Social network users get most of the information by viewing the news feed. Also in social networks there is a search tool. Finally, the largest “search engines” include results from social sites in their natural output.

What networks should pay attention in the first place? About this below.

"Vkontakte": the most popular network runet

Webmasters should pay attention to "Vkontakte" not only because of the popularity of this site. The brainchild of Pavel Durov is confidently transforming from an entertainment platform with free music and interesting video into a universal social network suitable for business communication.

Site owners need to know the following about Vkontakte:

  • This site supports hashtags. To increase the visibility of publications, use relevant and popular tags.
  • Pages, profiles and entries in this social network fall into the natural search results.
  • Internal search "Vkontakte" allows you to sort information by people, news, communities, audio and video.
  • When ranking communities, the number of subscribers does not play a major role. The “search engine” of the social network gives a higher place in the issuance of groups and pages in which higher activity: the frequency of publications, the number of "likes", reposts and discussions.
  • You can use free and paid tools to promote a brand or product.

Facebook: the main platform for business communication

The most popular in the world social network in runet content with second place. However, Internet surfers are actively using Facebook to search for business information and professional communication. Want more arguments for Facebook? In June 2015, three times more users came from this social network to the TexTerry website than from VKontakte.

When working with Facebook, you need to keep this information in mind:

  • If you specify English in the language settings on Facebook, you can use social search. With it, you can explore the preferences of the audience, find authoritative users and solve other problems.
  • Standard Facebook search allows you to find people, communities, events, places.
  • Advertising on Facebook has several advantages over contextual advertising in search engines.
  • In Facebook, you can use free and paid ways to attract traffic.

YouTube: Attract Visitors With Videos

YouTube combines the features of video hosting and social networking. This service is owned by the largest search engine in the world. YouTube attendance exceeds 1 billion people per month. Thanks to mobile gadgets, users can watch videos anywhere and anytime. Is that enough for you to pay attention to the service? Then remember important information about YouTube:

  • Google displays results from YouTube on the issue page.
  • Внутренний поиск сервиса ранжирует видео с помощью большого числа факторов, включая релевантность описания ролика запросу, качество и продолжительность видео и активность пользователей.
  • Вы можете продвигать продукт и привлекать трафик с YouTube без голливудских бюджетов.
  • Повысить видимость вашего продукта на YouTube можно с помощью видеорекламы или баннеров Google AdWords.

Какие еще соцсети заслуживают внимания

Обратите внимание на следующие площадки:

  • Google+ принадлежит крупнейшему "поисковику" в мире. “+1” marks affect the personalized delivery of your audience.
  • "Classmates". This social network is suitable for attracting paid traffic.
  • Twitter. The microblogging service is particularly interesting in terms of attracting mobile traffic.

Some users prefer to search for information on social networks, so you must ensure the visibility of your business and product on Facebook and other networking sites. After that, you can go to the sources of traffic, combining signs of social networks and search engines.

Social search: a hybrid of search engines and social networks

Market leaders are trying to socialize the search. The most obvious example is Google's personalized issue. It is formed, including with the help of "+1" marks made by the user and members of his circles on Google+. Despite the efforts, the classic "search engines" are faced with competition from the services that combine the capabilities of search engines, social networks and online stores.

TripAdvisor: Search Tool, Reputation Ratings and Purchases

TripAdvisor service is one of the most successful examples of the social “search engine”. With it, your potential customers are looking for information about the product, as well as evaluate the reviews of other people. They can also buy a product.

If you work in the tourism business, use TripAdvisor to increase the visibility of your product on the web. Remember the following facts about this resource:

  • You can publish property information for free in the TripAdvisor directory.
  • According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, cheating ratings and fake reviews on TripAdvisor harm business. The discrepancy in the quality of service of the published information disappoints tourists, so they do not buy a ticket again, leave negative reviews and do not recommend the resort or hotel to friends.
  • Information published on TripAdvisor is displayed on the partner sites of the service. This provides a wide audience reach.

Yell: search with social network elements is a localized analogue of the Yelp service. It helps your audience find a local business: restaurants, shops, financial organizations. The user can evaluate the feedback on the found object, view the work schedule and find a review on the map.

What you need to know about Yell?

  • Monthly site visits 4.5 million users.
  • You can add a company to the catalog for free.
  • Business owners are available paid promotion, working on the principle of contextual advertising.
  • supports popular mobile application. With it, your potential customers can find a bar or a shopping center literally on the go.

What other social search services deserve attention

Check out the following platforms:

  • "Yandex.City". This is an analogue of Yelp and allows you to search for local business and leave feedback.
  • Uber. You cannot ignore this service if you sell passenger transportation services.
  • Foursquare is a mobile search service for local businesses.

The hybrid search engine and social network can be considered the most likely future of Internet search. While traditional search engines are looking for ways to socialize algorithms, their competitors are turning social services into convenient search engines.

"Search engines" do not have a monopoly on the search and generation of traffic on the Internet

Search engines remain champions in servicing user requests for information. For example, when a person searches for a list of Hemingway’s works or the date of the beginning of the Middle Ages, he is more likely to use Google and Yandex. And now think about where your potential client will go with the requests "the best restaurant in Moscow" or "cheap hotels in Brisbane"? The most accurate answers to questions of this type should be searched on social search services, for example, TripAdvisor or Yell.

Why does an internet user need a search engine if he wants to buy a well-known product at a profit? It is more logical to find a suitable online store using the price aggregator. And the audience filters information flows with the help of news feeds in social networks and content aggregators.

Does this mean that search engines will become irrelevant? In no case. Breaking the search engine monopoly on information search means one thing: you will have to take into account user preferences and ensure visibility of your business and product on sites that are alternative to search engines. Are you ready for this?

Watch the video: Why Is Google Struggling In Russia? Yandex (February 2020).


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