Why try Telegram? Messenger Review

New opportunities for promotion, communication with the team and customers. Public channels. Secret chats. Supergroups. Work with any device. All this is about Telegram.

Features and Features

Telegram, an application from Pavel and Nikolay Durov, appeared in 2013. And he quickly began to gain popularity. Interestingly, the creators of the messenger did not spend (and are not going to spend) money on advertising and attracting users: new participants come on the word of mouth. What attracts them and makes them stay? Simple and convenient interface, wide functionality, high speed of data transmission and safety of work.

It has a policy of complete openness: the protocol, API and the source code of the application are freely available. This means that anyone can see how everything works and use the data to develop their own projects.

Pros and cons of the messenger

Telegram, at first glance, is similar to other messengers - WhatsApp, Viber, Line. Correspondence, photo and video sharing - everything is like at all. But, unlike competitors, Telegram offers a number of advantages that you will definitely appreciate.

  • Transfer files of any format - RAR-archive, tables in Excel, instructions in PDF, MP3 and video. By file size - a limit of up to 1.5 GB.
  • Cloud storage
  • Synchronization with devices. Messenger works on IPhone, Android, WindowsPhone. There are online and dekstop versions. In addition, you can log in from several devices at once: the number of simultaneous sessions is unlimited.
  • Instant delivery of messages and files. No glitches and freezes.
  • Creating large chats - up to 5,000 members.
  • Security. Pavel and Nikolai Durov promised a reward of $ 200,000 to those who could crack the code and read their correspondence. No one has managed to do this yet.
  • And to the issue of security. You can configure self-deletion of messages and account. And also - without fear of conducting confidential conversations: each message is self-destructing after reading by the interlocutor.

Go through the minuses. There are very few of them.

  • The menu is in English, and there is no Russian in the list of languages. But the problem is quickly solved with the help of a bot.
  • So far, there is no possibility of calls and video calls.

Registration in Telegram

To get started with Telegram, find the application in the necessary store (in our case it will be Google Play), download and install it on a smartphone or tablet.

Run the application.

Next you need to enter the phone number to which you register.

Wait for the SMS with the code.

Fill in your credentials.

Registration is complete. Now let's start with the messenger: to do this, go to the main menu.

The main menu opens.

We continue our acquaintance with Telegram. But first - we Russify the interface.


Enter in the search box “Telerobot”. We need a robot Anton.

Enter the command “Locate android”. For iOS users, the command changes to “Locate ios”for Windows - on “Locate windows”.

To which the bot instantly sends a file with localization. Download it.

Now the localization file needs to be applied. This will take you a couple of clicks.

Choose the second item.

A list opens - Russian appears in the list of languages.

Return to the main menu page.

We send rays of gratitude to Robot Anton and continue acquaintance with Telegram.

How to invite other users

In the main menu, select “Invite friends”.

Send the invitation and the generated download link via mail, social networks or messages. You can save the link in Notes or on Google Drive.

Click on “Contacts” - in the list of contacts you will see those who are already connected to the messenger.

Select any user from the list - the chat window will open. You can start chatting.


Go to the “Settings” tab in the main menu.

Here you can change the number, set the user name and add a profile photo.

Come up with a nickname that users can find you in the search. If you leave the field blank, you can only be found by phone number.

In addition, you can customize the sound of notifications, security, select the chat background and language.

In the tab “Privacy and Security” is a function of self-destruction account. If you have not logged in to your account during the selected period (1 month, 3 months, six months, year), then the account with all the data and correspondence completely disappears.

Next - setting up messages and autoloading media files.

In order not to clutter up the memory of the device, limit the storage period of media files. When the time expires, the cache will automatically clear. All files will remain on the cloud, and if you wish, you can download them again.

Ask a question about the work of the messenger and see the FAQ in the “Support” section.

Want to change your name or log in? Click on the icon in the upper right corner and select the desired item.

Public channel

Each user of the instant messenger can create their own channel. It is important to understand that the channel is not a chat or a group. Commenting is disabled - subscribers can only read you and fumble publications on their channel or in chats.

Channel creation

Go to the menu and select “Channel Creation”.

Think of the name of the channel and add a description. The latter is not necessary, but if you create a channel for the purpose of promotion, then it is better to make a capacious, but informative descriptive, reflecting the essence of the channel.

Users will be able to subscribe to the public channel, simply by clicking on the link in the public domain. To read the private channel, you will need an invitation from the administrator.

You can add the first subscribers from the contact list or skip this step by clicking on the check mark.

Channel created. Now you can write posts and send voice messages. Add media files and documents by clicking on the paperclip icon.

To edit the channel settings, click on the line with the name and photo.

On the page that opens, you can configure notifications and sound, view shared photos and videos (all media files and links that you posted on the channel), view the list of participants, assign an administrator.

Add a channel profile photo.

Want to talk about the channel? Click on the link.

How to promote your channel

Add it to thematic groups in social networks and directories.

Add a link to the channel in your contacts in a blog, on a site, in social networks.

Let them talk about you, or rather write. Agree on user PR with a large audience. Mentioning your channel, reposting a valid publication is a great way to attract new subscribers.

Groups (chat rooms)

Create a chat in Telegram to communicate with your audience, share files, conduct polls and discussions.

Open the menu and click “New Group”.

Select members from the contact list. Click the check mark.

Enter the name of the group.

The group is ready. Each member can add messages and send files.

To change the parameters of a group is simple - click on its name.

Here you can assign administrators from the participants, change the name, put a photo of the group, delete the group or add a shortcut to the desktop of your device. Another interesting feature is to transform a group into a supergroup. This is true if there are more than 200 participants: the supergroup includes up to 5,000 users.

Add new members.

You will be prompted to create a unique link for your group.

Copy the link and send to those you want to invite to the group. Alternatively, place a link on a public resource: anyone who joins can join the chat.

Channel and group management

All channels and groups you have joined are displayed on the main page of the application. Here you can see unread posts and posts.

However, notifications can be disabled.

Search for interesting channels and groups. Enter the name in the search.

View a selection of useful chats and channels from Netology.

Several hacks for easy communication and channel management

Put a mention.

Just type a character @ and select the person to contact.

Select a user from contacts.

You can also put the mention of channels and groups.

Add hashtags using the # symbol.

Search by hashtags, by the way, is not very convenient here: it does not display a selection of posts with a typed tag, but only highlights the hashtag in blue and shows the number of posts with it. All the same, we will have to scroll through and search for posts with a shaded tag among other publications.

Post bulk texts more convenient from a webogram or dextup version. Type or paste text into the message area and click Submit.

To delete post, forward or edit, click on it. A menu will appear.

You can repost any publication to your channel or chat. And also see the number of views of each record on a public channel.

You can find the necessary information on the channel or in the group through the search.

It is a pity that there is no possibility to find a post by date. To read early publications, you have to scroll up a long time.

Shorten links. I like the //goo.gl/ service: it makes links visually more attractive and provides the ability to track and analyze traffic counts and traffic geography.

Audio in a group or on the channel you can listen in the background.

You can find the photo you want online straight from the messenger and send to the channel or chat. Select “Gallery” and then the “Search by network” tab.

Choose your favorite picture and post it on the channel.

Telegram has many collections of various stickers for any occasion, and all are free. To add yourself stickers, follow this link //tlgrm.ru/stickers.

Click "Add to Telegram".

The collection will appear among your stickers.

Did you see a cool sticker in the chat or on the channel? Save yourself. Just click on it without holding it.

The collection opens.

To save gif-animation or a picture from the channel or correspondence, click on the icon in the upper right corner.

Save to one of the folders on the device.

Secret chat

If you need to discuss sensitive and sensitive information, start a secret chat with a user from your contact list.

The special feature of the secret chat is an increased level of security. The message you sent is deleted a few seconds after reading. If the recipient managed to make a screen - you will receive a notification. The secret chat is tied to the device from which the correspondence was started, and it will not be possible to log in from another gadget. If you logged out, the chat will disappear.

To start a secret chat, go to the main menu.

Select a user to chat with.

When the user is online, you can write to him.

Desktop and Web Versions

These versions have fewer features than the mobile application. So, in the desktop version you can create a group or channel. In the online version (webogram) - only the group. Secret chats in both versions are not available.

All versions, including the application, are synchronized and can work simultaneously. It is very convenient.

Download the Windows version here: //desktop.telegram.org/. Click Get Telegram for Windows and save the installer file. Run it and install the program.

Open the program and enter your number. A confirmation code will be sent to the mobile instant messenger (or by SMS, by choice) - enter.


To Russify the interface, we act in the same way as with the version on the mobile device.

In the chat window you need to send the command “locale windows”

Go to the settings, simultaneously hold down the shift and alt keys and click on change language.

A folder with our localization file opens. Double click on the file.

We are asked to restart the program. OK.

Ta-dam. The menu was Russified.

To create a new group or channel, click on the icon next to the search bar.

Choose the right one.

To exit the desktop version, in the settings, scroll to the end and click on "Exit".

Online Telegram Version - Webogram

Online version is available immediately in Russian. Follow this link //tlgrm.ru/web.

Authorization again: enter the phone number and then the code.

The interface is already in Russian. To open the menu, click the icon in the upper left corner.

You can manage active sessions. Select the menu item Settings.

Now scroll down to Active Sessions.

If you click on "End active sessions", all other running versions will be closed. In our case, the dekstop program and the mobile application will close, and the webogram will remain working.


Bots - Telegram programmed accounts. How it works: you simply find the account you need, open a chat, enter a request and get an instant response from the bot.

The capabilities of the bot depend only on the fantasy and skills of the developer. Bots can tell about the weather for tomorrow, give a summary of the latest news, find the nearest cinema for you, convert the file to a different format, find tickets and hotels.

Bots are useful for business. They simplify interaction with customers - they can answer questions, connect with managers, send mailings. Helping to lead a group or channel in Telegram - collect statistics, conduct polls, clean the chat from the mat and spam.

Create a simple bot

Blind “on the knee” serious bot, of course, will not work. But to create an assistant for solving simple tasks like broadcasting messages from a public to a VC is a minute matter.

Find through the search bot @Manybot.

Open a chat, click “Start” or enter the command / start.

On the virtual keyboard that appears, select a language. We have - Russian.

Select “Add new bot”.

The instruction appears.

Follow the link to “father of bots” (@Botfather) and select “Start”.

Click on / newbot.

Come up and type the name of the bot.

Come up with a username - a unique bot link.

Copy the generated code and return to @Manybot.

Click “I copied the token” on the virtual keyboard and enter the code.

Paste the copied code.

Token is accepted. Now add a description: it will appear in the chat window for each new subscriber.

Click / autoposting and follow the instructions.

Go to your bot and give the / autoposting command again.

Select the service on the virtual keyboard from where the reposts will be transmitted. We - this is VK. Add a link to a page or blog.

Is done. Now bot subscribers will receive publications from your resource.

Bot features: examples

Bots of Sberbank (@SberbankBot) and AlfaBank (@AlfaBankBot) suggest the nearest bank branches, reports on the exchange rate and quotes.

The bot of the Russian Post (@PochtaBot) answers user questions and tracks mailings.

Bot "Medusa" (@meduzaprobot) sends newsletters and selects interesting publications.

Bot @my_ali_bot helps to find products on Aliexpress, and also offers ideas for shopping and gifts.

Bot @TinkoffinsuranceBot helps in a few minutes to arrange insurance.

The Yandex bot (@ yandex) implements the functions of a search engine: it searches for users for information, pictures, videos, reports weather.

Bot blogger Ilya Varlamov (@Varlamov_bot) publishes new posts, offers to guess the city from the photo and shows photos of the cat Martha.

“Svyaznoy” launched the @Svyaznoyhrbot bot, which offers fresh vacancies in the company and conducts interviews.

Bot Topvizor (@TopvisorBot) addresses user questions about the work of the service to the technical support service and transmits the answers.

Want to call a taxi? Contact the @TaxiMaximBot bot - it will immediately receive and place an order.

Collecting group analytics using a bot

For group analytics there is @combot. Let's try the bot at work.

Enter combot in the search box.

In the chat window, give the command / start.

Bot describes in detail its capabilities. We need to add a bot to the group (this can only be done by the administrator).

Add a bot.

Now the bot can work with the group, and you can track the statistics.

Here is what the @combot shows us.

  • New users today - new members for the current day
  • Users left today - the number of users who left the group in a day.
  • Core users - the most active (more than 50 messages from the user in the last 21 days)
  • Total messages - total messages
  • Popular sites - a list and number of sites that users shared for the last 21 days
  • Active users - the number of active users who have left at least 1 message in the chat on the current and previous days
  • Media posts - media files that were sent to chat
  • Activity graph - activity graph
  • Popular commands - commands that chat participants entered

How to use Telegram for business

  • Promotion, increase brand awareness. Channels in Telegram are many times more efficient than publish in social networks. Clearly: coverage with the publication on the channel - 80-90% of subscribers. Post in a group on VK brings 10% of coverage, and on facebook even less - 5% of subscribers.
  • Teamwork. Corporate chats in Telegram - it is convenient and functional. Set tasks for your team and discuss working moments with your colleagues. Transfer photos, videos, screenshots and documents. Use hashtags in your correspondence so as not to lose important information and stickers to defuse the working environment.
  • Automation of work with clients and subscribers. Telegram bots are your faithful helpers. Они способны заменить поисковые сети и целую команду менеджеров и консультантов - отвечают на вопросы аудитории, ищут для пользователей информацию, проводят опросы в чате, транслируют подписчикам рассылки новостей и подборки материалов в вашего сайта. Это снимает с вас огромную часть "рутины".

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