Who needs "Yandex.Market" and how to use it: answers to frequently asked questions

"To be or not to be?" - this is the eternal question of Hamlet and the owners of online stores who do not dare to register their offspring on Yandex.Market. The article contains answers to frequently asked questions that will help make a decision regarding the placement of a store on the site.

What is Yandex.Market?

Yandex.Market (YM) is a platform where goods from more than 20,000 online stores (IM) are collected. Thanks to easy navigation, users can easily find the right products, watch photos and video descriptions, filter characteristics and sellers, leave and read reviews. For owners of online stores is a handy tool that serves as a source of additional customers.

Where users see Yandex.Market ads

Users see the offer in the issuance of Yandex.Market when they are transferred to it from NM search or from filters.

Those who use the Yandex search engine will not pass by offers from online stores registered on the site.

Should I register an online store on Yandex.Market?

A new IM should be registered on Yandex.Market: the site will lead the first customers. Owners of successful projects, it is better to think carefully. The popularity of the site in 2018 is lower than a few years ago and the only parameter by which competition is possible is brand awareness.

Based on personal experience with Yandex.Market, the majority of users, when choosing a product, scroll through new stores with a low price, taking them for fraudsters.

What are the advantages of the Yandex.Market site?

Yandex.Market has a huge audience: as can be seen from the statistics for 2017-18, about 18 million people visit the resource. In a month - 1.6 million people. There is no doubt about the authority of the site: users trust Yandex as a whole and its individual structures.

Other advantages:

  • You can customize targeting by region
  • a good alternative to contextual advertising: at NM, the cost per click is lower, and users are pre-configured to purchase;
  • No need to manually change the prices on the "Market": they are synchronized with the website of the online store. This also includes a convenient personal account that allows you to track metrics.

What are the disadvantages of Yandex.Market?

Perhaps the disadvantages seem to you more significant than the pros:

  • Developers periodically improve the service, which has negative consequences: after innovations, IM sags traffic and conversion drops. Losses "Yandex" does not reimburse;
  • you do not track customer movements through the windows, which means you do not understand how to improve interaction with them;
  • The Quality Control Service (UK) performs mass test orders with a transfer to the delivery: in order to pass the test, you will have to fully prepare (perhaps buy back from the supplier) an order that will later be refused.

Does your store have a chance to get on NM?

Before registering, analyze your online store for compliance with NM rules:

  • the sale of goods with a markdown or stock is prohibited - only new ones;
  • official online store - applications are accepted only from individual entrepreneurs or legal entities. If this information is not provided at registration, Yandex refuses to place it;
  • get rid of the goods prohibited to be distributed on the territory of our country;
  • Each product is placed on a separate page and issue "for people." How to do this, read the article "What is a product card and how to draw it: 29 elements of success." Highlight items on methods of payment, delivery and conditions for returning goods;
  • Add functionality that will allow the user to order goods through the basket or by phone.

Also check the specifications. The site must have a high download speed, free of viruses and aggressive advertising formats. The presence of windows PopUP almost certainly will not allow the store to pass moderation in Yandex.Market.

For convenience, use the checklist.

What is the price list and how to cook it?

Price list - a document in which you prescribe prices for each commodity item IM. You submit price lists for all regions, if the prices are different.

There are three price formats: YML (preferred), CSV and Excel. How to prepare them correctly, read the official manual.

What is the payment system in Yandex.Market?

Money co accounts are written off for clicking on the IM phone number and for going to the site.

The minimum cost per click is the rate in arbitrary units (1 cu = 30 rubles with VAT), which is calculated by NM. The rate changes daily, you can find it in your account or in the PriceLabs service.

When using rates (individual cost per click, which is higher than the minimum cost), NM assigns its own cost per click to the default ranking. If the buyer uses a filter for the price when choosing a product, then the minimum cost is charged per click.

How to manage bets if you do not understand this

Install PricaLab. The program automatically manages bets: it is free and belongs to Yandex.

How to connect to Yandex.Market?

Detailed instructions on how to connect you will be found in "Yandex. Help": follow the steps in order to send an online store for moderation.

What if you do not pass moderation?

The good news is that the world will not collapse. Bad - you have only six tortures to go through moderation. After the last failure, the way to the Market is ordered.

What to fix will tell the staff of Yandex.Market. However, there is an unpleasant moment: employees conduct manual moderation before the first error. After they form a report and send it to you: having corrected the first error, you cannot be sure that there are no errors in the rest of the file - the employees simply do not reach them.

How to replenish the balance in Yandex.Market?

Refill your balance from your current account or from a Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard corporate card, if you are a legal entity. If physical, then you can throw money through Yandex.Money, WebMoney, from a card or pay in cash at a bank. The receipt must be printed from your personal account. Payment is also possible through terminals or Internet banking.

Payment is processed from 15 minutes to an hour. In the case of payment in cash through the bank, the period is increased to one day.

How does Yandex.Market check stores?

Yandex.Market checks stores using robots and Quality Service employees. In the first case, the robot checks the availability of IM.

When manually checking, employees of Yandex.Market simulate the path of the buyer. Calculate them is not always possible. In the UK check includes:

  • visual assessment of the data store in it;
  • checking by phone - checking the knowledge of product managers, compliance with the price on the site and in reality, availability;
  • check through the basket on the site - the employee makes an order to make sure that the store correctly processes it. The permissible reaction rate is 24 hours. Order confirmation - a seller’s call or a letter to the post office (automatically generated confirmation letters are not considered).

After verification, the NM staff send a report with the date and time of verification, errors and names of managers. The data of its employees "Market" does not disclose.

What can the store be removed from Yandex?

Yandex suspends stores for minor violations. Among them:

  • price discrepancies - sell at a different price than indicated on the "Market";
  • discrepancies in information on delivery, payment, terms of purchase and legal data;
  • rare update of the price list (the optimal schedule is once in 30 days);
  • for purchased reviews (this is in theory - in fact, many of them buy reviews from their own customers for an additional discount or other reward);
  • You didn’t process the SK call or they didn’t like how you completed the order. Or you actually did it badly.

Well, the main reason: you ran out of money for placement, and you forgot to replenish the balance.

On the one hand, there is a feeling of ease of connecting to the “Market”, on the other - real people will always stand in your way - employees of the Quality Control Service. They are interested in the cleanliness of the site, so they find fault with every little thing. Do you want it or not - you decide. In any case, we recommend that you arm yourself with an official manual and carefully prepare your store. Good luck!

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