Warmth of traffic: increase conversions, working with the needs of the audience

Imagine that you went on a date with a girl from the social network. On the avatar, she was a skinny blonde, but in reality turned out to be a full brunette. You will feel that you have been deceived. Visitors to the site feel the same when the offer on the landing page does not match what they expected to see. To determine what exactly the user needs, it is worth assessing the warmth of the traffic going to the selling page.

How to attract customers with free "buns": 14 working ideas

Business and marketing coaches often give small and medium business owners one recommendation: in order to attract new customers, you need to offer them something free, something they will be hard to give up. And initially this is really the right advice. Free first step perfectly removes the objection, can significantly increase conversion, allows you to warm up the "cold" audience and cause her confidence.

[Discussion] Anglicisms VS Clean Language

Many have got "insights", "experiences" and other "levelapy". 4 of our employees shared their views on English words in speech and texts. Let's collect a lively experience on this topic. We invite in the comments. Among marketers, it has always been customary to use English words wherever one can say in Russian.